Become a Class Assistant

Get in the Kitchen and assist our chefs and instructors! Learn  inside cooking secrets as you work with our chefs and cooking instructors .

Imagine what you can learn if you are working alongside the professionals inside the kitchen rather than observing from the outside.  As a class assistant you will be part of the before class preparation, the cooking and final cleanup.

You may never pay for a class again.  Your work is in trade for your cooking class.  If you assist the same class an additional time a class credit will be placed in your account for you to spend for other classes or use as a  $20 gift certificate towards shopping for cooking tools.

This is how it works:
You arrive for class at about 5pm.  You get private instruction on how to prepare the ingredients for class.  Working with a partner the two of you will set up the class.   You will be given private instruction in any of your skills that need a bit of polishing.  You then assist the chef in the managing of the class and make sure everything is spotless afterwards.   You have the opportunity to learning  timing and those special skills that only working in a kitchen  with a professional can provide.

How do you sign up?
Our minimum requirement is that you take the Mastering Culinary Essentials Course at Bon Vivant or have taken an equal course elsewhere.  Contact us at and request an application.

When the classes for a new quarter are published you may volunteer for as many classes as you wish.  We will assign and confirm you for those classes that have an opening for an assistant.   Join this select group of students who get be on the inside of great cooking classes.