Become a Home Host

Imagine a fabulous cooking class in your home absolutely free!

You can become a home host by volunteering your home kitchen for cooking classes.

The unique feature of Bon Vivant School of Cooking is that students are welcomed into the warm environment of a host home kitchen for their cooking classes.  The North Seattle home of Bon Vivant Director Louise Hasson is our primary teaching kitchen.  Your home can become one of our satellite kitchens.  We are always looking for new key locations to offer our (fine, remarkable, fun) hands-on classes.  Any class offered in your home is complimentary to you.

This is how it works:
Once the classes are set for the upcoming quarter, Louise contacts you with the list of classes and their dates.  You may then choose the ones you would like to host in your home.  We will take care of all student registration and keep you informed.  Most classes are hands-on and limited to 12 students including you, the host.  Never pay for a class again!  Your friends and family are also welcome to go online and join your class. All baking classes require two full ovens.

On your class date:
Bon Vivant will send one of our outstanding professional instructors to your home accompanied by two class assistants to take care of everything, the food, the class and the clean-up.   You simply provide your choice of beverages and paper goods for service.

To inquire about becoming a host:
Request a Host Home Application.
Or you may contact Bon Vivant at and request a host home form.  You are welcome to send us pictures of your kitchen from many views.  Louise will contact you to discuss possibilities.