Louise Hasson

The Hasson FamilyNothing is more important to Louise than family and this  carries over to Bon Vivant.

Louise’s students are like extended family and her multi-generational classes are reminiscent of weekend family gatherings in the kitchen. She loves to entertain! Her natural ability for event planning makes her the center of organization Jewish Holiday Celebrations.

Cecilio_084After retiring form being an elementary school teacher with Seattle Public Schools, Louise moonlighted teaching cooking classes for a local caterer. When the caterer decided to stop teaching, she could not imagine leaving her students behind! Dedicated to keeping her flock moving toward the freedom a strong foundation can bring, she laid out what she knew and Bon Vivant School of Cooking was born.

Louise has trained with numerous resources in the Northwest and across the country as well as the London Cordon Bleu. In Italy, she completed an intensive course of study with Lorenza de Medici at Badia e Coltibuono in Tuscany and an in depth course with Anna Tasca Lanza at the Regaleali Estate in Sicily.

Louise is “crazy passionate” about cooking and is not afraid to share her philosophy. Nothing makes her happier than to instill a student with the fundamentals then watch them fly free.

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