Mitra Mohandessi

The Mediterranean and the Middle East are steeped in cultures that believe in nurturing all the people with hearty, flavorful and nutritious foods that will make them feel happy and fulfilled. I don’t know of anyone more qualified to pass on this tradition and knowledge than Mitra Mohandessi.

Voila_Capture155Born in Tehran–Iran, with one parent from northern state of Azerbaijan near Russia and one from the southern state of Fars near the Persian Gulf, the family prepared and celebrated cuisine of many regions. Throughout her travels as well as cooking alongside her mother and aunts, Mitra has gained the knowledge of cooking techniques and amazing flavors (and health benefits) of herbs and spices of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods.

Mitra Kabob

Mitra has a way of making this exotic cuisine relevant and personal as she shares not only the history and culture of the regions you explore, but her own personal experiences and memories. She is as effervescent and complex as the aromatic spices she invites you to smell, touch and understand until you feel completely at ease with them both.

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