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Previous Winners:

Nancy Deem, November 2017
Thomas Trombley, October 2017
Lory EckartLove, September 2017
Toby Rumans, August 2017
Leslie Klein, July 2017
Wendy Moshos, June 2017
Natalie Davis, May 2017
Will Jaquier, April 2017
Barbara Wizer, March 2017
Ripu Mittal, February 2017
Amanda Hightower, January 2017
Pattie Ritchie, December 2016
Donna Davis, November 2016
Jean Lay, October 2016
Linda Finkle, September 2016
Sylvia Om, August 2016
Dannie Sizemore, July 2016
David Wilkes, June 2016
Kristi Hafner, May 2016
Mona Lisa Magal, February 2016
Sheri Fox, January 2016
Josh Hicks, December 2015
Dan Mellott, November 2015
Sandi Gienger, October 2015
Jessica Pierson, Septmeber 2015
Stas Shectman, August 2015
Valarie Schenken, July 2015
Caren Tidwell, June 2015
Carla Ambrose, May 2015
Shannon Thomas, April 2015
Karla Jones, March 2015
Rhoda Morrow, February 2015
Denise Bredesen, January 2015
Kathy Thull, December 2014
Danielle Smith, November 2014
Linda Dement, October 2014
Richard Arthur, September 2014
Johna Morris, August 2014

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