Turkey and Mashed Potatoes

Need Help With Thanksgiving?

Over the next few weeks as a special gift to our students and guests we are going give you recipes and techniques for a delicious, successful thanksgiving dinner.

What is the most requested recipe? It is mashed potatoes and gravy. And it is not difficult to do. We are going to share our recipes with handy hints and we are going to encourage you to make a roasted chicken ahead to practice your technique. So when you get to that important day, you will feel confidant and ready.

Two different potatoes, baking potatoes or Russets and Yukon Gold make great mashed potatoes. We recommend that you steam them in about 2 inches of water rather than boil them covered with water. Mashed potatoes are going to be one of the last things you get ready. Potatoes may be peeled in advance and held in a bowl of cold water to cover. Cut them just before you are ready to steam them. Make your mashed potatoes near the end of your cooking time. A ricer is a perfect tool for getting smooth mashed potatoes. Though roughly mashed potatoes made by hand are OK too. Some like them rough, some like them smooth. Probably the best way to reheat them is to microwave a batch in a bowl or your serving dish just before serving time.

To create your broth for the gravy, transfer the roasted turkey to a platter to rest. Drain away the excess fat. Place the pan over two burners. Add your own homemade turkey stock or Swanson’s chicken stock to the roasting pan. Scrape up all the roasted brown bits and strain into a saucepan. Set aside until needed. You can make gravy ahead with no problem. So as soon as you have the juices from the roasted turkey go ahead and make the gravy. Then reheat it at serving time.

Here are your first recipes to practice ahead. Feel free to write me at: or call if you need help at 206 525 7537. If I am here I will answer.

Here are your recipes:

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy