Become A Pastry Pro!

TBA, February - March

The Pastry Arts

Instructor: Suzanne Hunter
Host: Marlene Gillingham
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Cost: $325.00

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TBA, February - March

Heavenly Angel Food Cakes, irresistible Butter Creams and light as air Mousses…

Learn to make all of this and more! The Pastry Arts is a labor of love and creative expression. Your friends and family will delight in the marvelous creations coming from your oven. Heat up the kitchen and join us for this 4 class in-depth series taught by our foremost baker Suzanne Hunter.

Class 1: Learn pâtissier secrets and make the perfect crust!
Should I use butter, lard or shortening? How wet should the dough be? What makes a crust flaky? What is “relaxing”? Can I repair my broken crust? In the first class you’ll take an in-depth exploration into Crust Basics, then make Perfect Pies, Tantalizing Tarts, Quintessential Quiche and more!

Class 2: Millefeuille – the butteriest, flakiest French pastry!
The Danish are famous for their multilayered, laminated sweet pastry in the viennoiserie tradition! In your second class, you will learn to make puff pastry, croissants, bear claws and more! Swirled with jam or filled with custard, learn to make braids, combs, twists, strips and envelopes that delight the eye as well as the tongue.

Class 3: Make irresistable cakes, parfaits, tarts, and garnishes!
In the third class, you’ll discover the elements of flavor base, enrichment, lightener and stabilizer. You’ll master the art of making the perfect Crème Anglaise foundation for Ice Cream, Mousses and Bavarians. Learn the French cold method for making Meringues. Use your creations as toppings, fillings, garnishes and layered desserts!

Class 4: Foam is the secret to high, light and fluffy pastry!
Ever wonder why the presence of fat makes your meringue fail, how over or under beating your eggs and sugar can make your cake fall, or why my pastry cream won’t hold an edge when piped? In your fourth class you will learn to make the perfect Genoise (the baseline of all cakes), master Pastry Cream (Crème Patissiere) and make delicious works of art that are rolled, shaped, glazed and irresistible!

Class 1: Pie & Crust Techniques
Class 2: Danish Pastry
Class 3: Mousses & Bavarians
Class 4: Cakes & Butter Creams

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