The Table is Set
Louise Hasson, Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Making Paella de Marisco at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Seafood Cocktails
Canned Honey
Making Gnocchi di Spinaci con Ricotta at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Making soup at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Chicken at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
8 Student at Bon Vivant
Dessert presentation
Students with Mitra Mohandessi

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Wednesday, March 4th - Macarons To Marshmallos – Fabulous French Pastry

Monday, March 9th - South Indian Favorites (Gluten Free)

Wednesday, March 18th - Cooking Without Recipes

Wednesday, March 25th - Northwest Winter Seafood Extravaganza

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Our American Irish St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef Dinner

Serve up a new tradition

Serve up a new tradition

In restaurants “fusion” is still very trendy. So why not start with the Irish immigrant, and the New England root cellar to create an American St Patrick’s Day Corned Beef Dinner.

A word about choosing your brisket: Now that we have trained our butchers to buy and trim lean we are beginning to realize what we gave up. Especially with a cut like brisket, it is important to have some good top fat to melt and baste the meat and it is even more important to look for meat that is lightly, but thoroughly veined with fat to yield some tenderness. READ MORE >>

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Make great pastry!

Make great pastry!

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