The Table is Set
Louise Hasson, Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Making Paella de Marisco at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Seafood Cocktails
Canned Honey
Making Gnocchi di Spinaci con Ricotta at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Making soup at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Chicken at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
8 Student at Bon Vivant
Dessert presentation
Students with Mitra Mohandessi

Great Single Cooking Classes Coming Soon!

Jams, pickles and fruits

Jams, pickles and fruits

Saturday, Apr 26th - Saveur – Italian Classics II

Wednesday, May 7th - Canning in Early Summer

Wednesday, May 14th - Mediterranean Spring Fest

Saturday, May 17th - Saveur – American Summer Favorites

Sample Our International Cuisine Course

Exploring International Cuisines

Exploring International Cuisines

Take advantage of this special invitation and join one or more of our Exploring International Cuisines series course classes.

Learn about exotic ingredients of each country we visit, where to get them and bring home a collection of perfect well-planned party menus for successful entertaining.

Families Who Cook Together Grow Together

Hasson family cooks

Many Generations Cook Together

We are a family of about 30 people when we gather. Members from Los Angeles, San Francisco and as far as Israel come to Seattle to be together. The youngest is 3 years old and the eldest…well let’s not say. We have outgrown our respective homes. So to celebrate the holidays we rent the hall of a small, charming 100 year-old church.