The Table is Set
Louise Hasson, Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Making Paella de Marisco at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Seafood Cocktails
Canned Honey
Making Gnocchi di Spinaci con Ricotta at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Making soup at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Chicken at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
8 Student at Bon Vivant
Dessert presentation
Students with Mitra Mohandessi

Summer Fun – Bring A Friend For Half Price

Lunch in the Garden

Lunch in the Garden

Until August 12th, sign up for any of the following single cooking classes and bring a friend for 50% off!

Tuesday, August 5th - Summer Stone Fruit Desserts

Thursday, August 7th - Peak Season Canning and Preserving

Tuesday, August 12th - Delicious Mediterranean Wraps


Fall Series Courses Now Online

Fresh Orange Tart

Fresh Orange Tart

Discount Packages Available!

Our Fall Series Courses are now open for registration!

Mastering Culinary Essentials
Tues, Sep 16th - Nov 25th
Learn the chef techniques that help you refine your skills and increase your confidence.

Art of Fine Cuisine
Thurs, Sep 11th - Dec 4th
Explore sauces; pastry; stocks; game birds; crepes; dessert sauces; and, so much more!

Toast Goes (Crazy) Artisinal

Artisan Loaves for Sale

Artisan Loaves for Sale

Who would have thought that having toast and coffee could be such a highlight of your day? “Only in San Francisco LA or NY” might be the retort. However, this is not just any kind of toast. It is a thick slice from a freshly baked, hearty loaf with its own special topping. The loaves are stacked high on a rack along the wall next to you as you stand in line to place your order. You could buy one and make toast at home, but who is going to make that…