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July is Sizzling!

Spice up your life!

Spice up your life!

Choose one or more of these exciting classes!

Tues 7/14 - Easy Summer Kabobs Learn the right combination of spices and correct techniques key to a perfect kabob.

Thurs 7/23 - Seafood Summer Extravaganza Prepare the most delicious dishes using fish and shellfish right from our own Northwest shores.

Mon 7/27 - Summer Dining, Cool and Al Fresco Whether it’s a picnic at the lake or just dinner in the garden, this complete menu of cool, make-ahead recipes will have you ready to play.

Wed 7/29 - Grill It Perfectly! The succulent flavors of meat, seafood and vegetables are enhanced on the grill for perfect spontaneous summer entertaining.

Fall Series Open For Registration

Tune up your skills!

Tune up your skills!

Register NOW for Louise Hasson's Fall Series Courses!

Join the thousands that have gone on to become accomplished, confident cooks who enjoy being successful and knowledgeable in the kitchen.

Click on any series course for more information and to register.

Thursdays 9/17 - 12/17/15
Mastering Culinary Essentials
Learn the techniques that can turn your dishes from good to great and set yourself free to create!

Tuesdays 9/15 - 12/15/15
Advanced Culinary Techniques
Advance your skills to the next level and enjoy fine dining with those who share your passion for life!