The Table is Set
Louise Hasson, Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Seafood Cocktails
Making Paella de Marisco at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Canned Honey
Learn some new flavors!
Making soup at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
Chicken at Bon Vivant School of Cooking
8 Student at Bon Vivant
Dessert presentation
Students with Mitra Mohandessi

Serious Series Courses!

Earn Your Certificate

Earn Your Certificate

We all have a creative side that craves to be released.

Cultivate and enrich it and become a powerhouse in the kitchen.

Mastering Culinary Essentials, Thurs 9/17-12/17
Even if you’ve been cooking for years, Louise has the tips and techniques that can turn your dishes from good to great.

Advanced Culinary Techniques, Tues 9/15-12/15
Join Louise as you explore the secrets for vegetables, sauces, stocks & soups, pastries and more.

*If you can’t make all the classes, you can request an excused absence and make it up in another session.


July is Sizzling!

Get outside and enjoy!

Get outside and enjoy!

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