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Great instructor and really fun group of people.

The hosts were so nice and inviting. "


"I loved sitting down together at the end and eating great food... and with wine!

We are all strangers at the beginning and we sat down as friends!"


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Great French Knives make great gifts for yourself or the Foodie in your life.

We offer a great selection of single knives, knife sets and cooking tools.

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Something Sweet

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Make Brandied Yams!

This week we are share our favorite Thanksgiving recipe: Apple Brandy Yams.

This is the recipe that I am asked to bring wherever I am for Thanksgiving. You will love it!

Do choose large yams that are the same size and steam them the day before. Cool the yams in cold water. Peel and refrigerate them until you wish to put it together. This dish can even be assembled the day before, but be sure and cook it until it is hot and bubbling on Thanksgiving.
See the recipe!

Time to Pork Out!

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Pair Pork and Fruit

Explore cuts and create amazing dishes.

More that just chops, try your hand at tenderloin, spare ribs, loin and roast.

Get a little "fruity" as you pair your cuts with fruits. Go beyond the apple with blackberries, mango, apricots and more! Learn techniques to keep your cuts moist and never have a dry chop again!

In Amazingly Moist Pork Cuts with Sauces and Sides, you'll plate it all up with complimentary side dishes that will leave your guests awed!