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Great instructor and really fun group of people.

The hosts were so nice and inviting. "


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We are all strangers at the beginning and we sat down as friends!"


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Be the Best Bakery in Town

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Go Ahead and East the Cookie!

Step aside A La Francaise and Le Panier, there’s a new kid in town!

In this four class series you'll learn the insider secrets of the French Patissiere.

Mondays, February 26 - March 19, 2018 The Pastry Arts

Make: “light as air” mousses; flaky Danish pastries; “quick and easy” meringues and angle food cakes; sweet and savory tarts including “last minute appetizers”; cakes; custard fillings and butter creams; and Dacquoise, the “no bake cake” made from roasted hazelnuts, almonds, and chocolate cream.

Make Sensational Stews!

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Everyone loves Stew!

Tired of the same old, winter "go to" dishes?

Shake off the chill and fire up your imagination, you're about to make amazing dishes sure to warm your heart as well as your belly.

Thursday, February 22, 2018
Sensational Stews and Sides

Take an exotic trip while you make creamy Lamb Korma with Kela Ka Raita; tangy Turkish stew with Bulgur and pomegranate salad; and, Spicy Portuguese stew with potatoes with fresh herbs. Save room for desert because this stewed apricots with pistachios is simply amazing!

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